Minimizing the Risk of Third Parties and Contractors


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Tom Leahy

Senior Vice President, PolicyMedical

Virginia-Maria Weldon

Practice Manager - Security and Compliance/Account Manager, The Vantage Group LLC

Minimizing the Risk of Third Party Vendors and Contractors

Your hospital deals with hundreds—maybe thousands—of contract workers, and third party vendors, which is pretty impressive. You know as well as we do just how vital every vendor is to ensuring your organization runs smoothly. But, the more manpower that comes onboard comes great risk as well. This is why it is vital, not only for the safety of your patients but your entire organization, to assess third party vendors, and contract workers for any associated risks in terms of background or status from the beginning and beyond. Doing so can save your organization millions in legal fees and fines. But how do you minimize the risk?

In this Podcast, learn how with the right tools and processes in place you can protect your organization against penalties and cyber security threats. What’s more, you’ll discover how to easily manage and maintain a global view of all your vendors/business associates, and providers.

Key Takeaways: 

– What is real-time data surveillance for exclusions/sanctions management?

– How to automate exception checking across over 48 federal and state databases?

– How to avoid personal criminal fines/or jail time, by automating exceptions management

– How your healthcare organization can establish an efficient system to mitigate risk?

– The 5Ws of how to create a winning vendor risk management strategy



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