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How to Write and Execute a Healthcare Policy Management RFP

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Saud Juman

CEO, PolicyMedical

How to Write and Execute an Effective Healthcare Policy Management RFP 

Whether you’re interested in eliminating paper-based approaches, or simply feel your current policy management software isn’t cutting it anymore, you’ll soon be fielding possible vendors and will need to create an RFP to ensure they can meet your needs. But when it comes to RFPs, beyond knowing you need one, you’re not quite sure what to include.

Watch now to discover tips and insights on How to Write and Execute an Effective Healthcare Policy Management RFP. During this presentation hosted by PolicyMedical CEO, Saud Juman, you’ll discover can’t miss steps, such as:

  • When is a RFP necessary
  • Designing an RFP process
  • What questions to ask vendors
  • Can’t miss items in an RFP
  • Key stakeholders to include
  • Defining the budget - capital vs. opex
  • ...And more







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