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Closing the Gap! Improving Patient Quality by Linking Healthcare Policies with Evidence-based Procedures

Meet the Speakers 

Pam Queen-Eggers

Policy and Procedure Coordinator, MSHA

Myra Jones

RN - Clinical Standards, MSHA

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar

Chief Medical Officer, PolicyMedical

Tammy Purcell

RNC-OB, BSN Clinical Executive, Elsevier

Closing the Gap! Improving Patient Quality by Linking Healthcare Policies with Evidence-based Procedures

The “internet of everything” or digitization movement is quickly changing the healthcare landscape. Senior quality officers, policy and procedures administrators, risk managers and compliance officers are being pressured  to provide front-line staff with immediate access to information that allows them to deliver a quality patient experience. As a result,  hospitals and healthcare systems are seeking new ways of automating and streamlining policy and procedure management to improve patient safety, meet ever-changing regulations and standards requirements and mitigate risk.  

In this webinar, hear from Mountain States Health Alliance, the largest not-for-profit healthcare system located in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia on how they have been able to empower front-line staff with online access to a policy library including hyperlinks to  evidence-based procedures. With policies linked to the related clinical skills,  this makes it significantly easier for front-line staff to find information within seconds, improve productivity and provide quality patient care.

Watch now to learn how to:  

  • Develop an online healthcare policy repository linked to evidence-based procedures
  • Keep documents up-to-date based on changing standards from a legal perspective and to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increase productivity and enhance employee morale by giving staff access to policies linked with evidence-based best practices
  • Improve patient quality by enabling front line staff to access policies and supporting materials within seconds at the time of patient care
  • Reduce operational costs by automating and streamlining the policy and procedure management process.

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